Do I have the skills to be entrepreneur?

The quickest and most likely answer to pop in your mind when you ask the question, “Do I have the skills to start a new business?” to yourself will be, “Yes, Of course, I have!” This is because we humans are a very optimistic species. Optimism is a great quality in many areas of life but decision making is one of those areas where you need to slow down.

The tool “Do I have the skills to be entrepreneur?” helps you to diagnose problems / difficulties that you may be facing in terms of business startup and development. Specifically, the user assesses entrepreneurial skills in areas such as risk-taking, market analysis, management and administration of business and others that relate to entrepreneurship.

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Tool’s info

Type of tool: Quiz (questionnaire)
Entrepreneurial stage: I’m intending to start/I’m just starting
Time needed: 10 min
Frequency of completion: Once
Business sector: Service, Manufacturing, Trade