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What is iGoStartup?

iGoStartup is an online service, which provides consulting services through the use of questionnaires and calculators to prospective entrepreneurs who need guidance on starting their business.

iGoStartup Productive

What do I get?

By completing a set of tools online, you will get a personalized report which will guide you through the necessary steps of starting your own business, while also enhancing your entrepreneurial mindset.

Watch how iGoStartup helps you focus on what's important to you.

Quality and new methods of learning and evaluation is crucial to our training organization and iGoStartup helped our students to understand better how to start and manage their own business!
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Vasilis Avramoudis

CEO and Co Founder of OpenMellon

I wanted to find a creative guide that could help me in establishing an enterprise. iGoStartup did exactly that. It is a great business tool and I would recommend it to start-uppers and entrepreneurs.
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Evi Chatzopoulou (MSc)

PhD candidate in Marketing - Business & Marketing Consultant

iGoStartup is an excellent tool for helping entrepreneurs and business owners’ focus on what is important to them. This is accomplished through a well-designed framework of comprehensive tools, questionnaires, and calculators which develop a personalized report tailored to your individual business needs that provide guidance to put your business on the right track.
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John Bennett

Associate Professor of Business Administration and Management Studies

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