Financial Pack

Calculate your business' finances!

1. What is the utility of the Pack?

The Financial Pack consists of tools which calculate the evaluation of a company. Whether you are looking to venture with another company or you need the current value of your business, you can easily complete the tools and get the answers you want. Additionally, the Pack offers you the unique opportunity to calculate your finance in a time period of 10 years ahead. So you have a business valuation & finance forecast in one single pack!

2. What does it consist of?

The Financial Pack consists of five (5) different tools which help the entrepreneur to prepare his/her financial statements and predictions about the business. Also the tools have been designed in order to result to the final current value of the business. This value can be used by other investors in order to decide whether invest in this company or not. Also the results can be used by entrepreneurs who want to joint venture with other businesses and need to provide financial data.

3. Can I use the Financial Pack?

Using the Financial Pack requires some basic knowledge in financial terms and concepts. It can be used especially by new entrepreneurs or start uppers who do not know the way to calculate some basic financial statements, ratios or want to know the value of their business.

4. How much time do I need to spend on the completion of the tools?

The required time of completion of each tool depends from the user’s expertise and knowledge to provide answers in basic financial issues. All the questions are completed through the use of scale 1-10 and by filling in numbers/amounts in certain questions.

5. How much does the pack cost?

The Financial Pack costs €249.99 €149.99 and gives you 1 year full access to all the tools. You will be able to save and print your results and have access to the updated tools.

6. What are the benefits of using the Financial Pack?

  • You can easily prepare financial reports about your business
  • You do not need to have high level knowledge of finance in order to get your results
  • You can calculate the value of your business reliably by using two different approaches