Marketing Pack

The ultimate tools for a successful marketing strategy.

1. What is the utility of the Pack?

The Marketing Pack consists of tools that help you to design your unique marketing strategy. It has been designed by people with certain expertise in marketing. The tools will help you to make your own thorough marketing plan by just answering simple questions or completing small forms.

2. What does it consist of?

The Marketing Pack consists of twenty (20) different tools (questionnaires and forms). After the completion of the tools you can get a complete, accurate and informative outline about your marketing strategy.

3. Can I use the Marketing Pack?

Using the Marketing Pack does not require any expertise. In addition, it can be used by anyone who wants to develop a marketing strategy for his business. This category includes individuals who do not have started their own business as much as those who are new entrepreneurs and want to take action in the marketing field.

4. How much time do I need to spend on the completion of the tools?

The required time of completion of each tool is mentioned under the basic information section in each step of the tool. Keep in mind that the maximum average time you have to spend in completion of a tool and reading your personalized report is about 15 minutes.

5. How much does the pack cost?

The Marketing Pack costs €9.99 and gives you 1 year full access to the marketing tools. You will be able to save and print your results and have access to the updated tools.

6. What are the benefits of using the Marketing Pack?

  • You can design your own marketing strategy without paying extreme amounts in tests/guides that have ambiguous results
  • You will get practical marketing solutions, even on a tight budget
  • You will get the most out of your marketing activities - really understand what to do
  • You will stand out from the crowd - differentiate your product/service offer from your competitors' offerings
  • You can compare your performance in each tool with other users of the Pack
  • You will get step by step frameworks with various marketing tactics