Do I have the necessary organizational skills?

Organizational skills are an important asset for managers and owners of businesses, who have many demands on their work time. Organizational skills can make or break any business. The best way to find out about your abilities to run a startup business is using the online business tools of “Basic Pack” that will give you comprehensive insights and benchmarking advices.

The questionnaire is measuring whether your organizational skills are well-developed or not. The specific variables measured are related to planning ability, prioritization of objectives, proper time management, use of schedules, focusing on details, use of filing systems, consistency etc. After the quiz’s completion, you can find out in which of the three (3) organized types you belong to:

1. Well organized
2. Average organized
3. Poorly organized

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Tool’s info

Type of tool: Quiz (questionnaire)
Entrepreneurial stage: I’m intending to start/I’m just starting
Time needed: 10 min
Frequency of completion: Occasionally
Business sector: Service, Manufacturing, Trade