Before you start your business

Starting a business is quite a challenge. You can face uncertainty and fear, not to mention huge bills that keep mounting up as you struggle to make profit. This is reality, and it is also the reason why so many businesses fail at the first hurdle.

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Cashflow, the biggest challenge for any startup

One of the most important aspects of your startup is the cash flow. Cashflow is one of the ultimate deciders of business success. As a business grows, borrows and makes profit, it will begin to accumulate costs and income streams. All of these combine together to form cashflow. If you’re not in control of cashflow, however, you will soon find your startup falling down.

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Making a Business Plan for a Small Business (Part Two)

In the first part of this article we looked at a couple of aspects around creating a business plan. We also talked about how creating your business plan for your small business is not necessarily a difficult matter. It’s more about knowing what could possibly stand in the way and knowing the costs for the basic operations of your business. We made it clear that unless you know the costs for your business it will prove very difficult to receive any kind of investment. We also explained how knowing your market is vital to understanding whether or not you’ll have a business that will make a profit.

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