Hiring people - Part Two

In the last post in this short series we looked at the person specification that you would be putting together to attract people to work for your start-up. We looked at how it was important that you have certain expectations for your new employee, that you also didn’t push things too far to try and find the ‘perfect’ employee. A start-up is a natural incubator of talent, and this means that you need to lower your sights a little when you’re looking for new people, so that you can help to nurture them into becoming that perfect employee that you will need eventually.

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Hiring people for your startup

One of the most exciting and the most challenging aspects of running a start-up is hiring staff. When you begin to become successful you will find that you need people to help you out. This means taking on new staff.

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Before you start your business - Part Two

In the first article in this short series we looked at ways in which you could build up business for your start-up before you even open the doors. Getting this part of your preparation right means that you have a steady stream of revenue in the early days of operations, which means that you’re much better prepared for the rough-and-tumble of the first 2 to 3 years of business life.

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