7 reasons to help startups

Helping start-ups is one of the great joys in a business consultant’s life. In this article we will look at 7 reasons why helping start-ups makes a lot of sense.

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5 ways to help a business

If you are setting up in business as a business consultant, then you have a fantastic opportunity to help a business in many ways. However, not every company is the same, so you may have to work hard to find out what the concerns are for that particular business and then find a way to help them. So the first job is to essentially take an audit of the company and see which aspects of their processes need some help. Once that is done, you can get down to the nitty gritty of providing support and insight.

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Top Tips For Credit Control When Starting a New Business

Almost 30% (of the 80%) of all new businesses that fail within their first year say that their reason for going bust was entirely down to their finances. Well-planned credit control practices are imperative to ensuring business continuity, and ensuring you have these in place at the very start will certainly ensure you don’t get into more trouble than you can handle.

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