What can you learn from today’s top entrepreneurs?

What can you learn from today’s top entrepreneurs?
iGoStartup Team
by iGoStartup Team

There are no set rules when it comes to forging a successful career as an entrepreneur and if you want to make a go of your business, you’ll need to be prepared to follow your own path. That said, you can get useful pointers from today’s top entrepreneurs. So, to help you realise your ambitions, here are a few valuable tips from leading businesspeople.

You must have a bold vision

One man who knows precisely what it takes to get to the top in business is Chris Niarchos. The Cobra Group founder and chairman built his company from the ground up and is now a globally renowned entrepreneur. So, what does it take to achieve Chris Niarchos’ wealth and success? According to the man himself, one crucial part of this is having a bold vision. In a blog post, he suggested that the best leaders tend to have a brave and ambitious agenda. This could involve anything from wanting to develop ground breaking services or products that advance industry standards to striving to meet impressive growth targets. By setting out a clear agenda and consistently reinforcing it, businesspeople can inspire their colleagues and they stand a better chance of steering their companies to success.

Determination is essential

Social media pioneer Mark Zuckerberg, co-founder and chief executive officer of Facebook, is a role model for many aspiring entrepreneurs around the world. Giving advice to his followers during a question and answer session on Facebook last year, he highlighted the importance of determination. Answering a question about the secret to success, the 32-year-old simply responded: “Don’t give up.” He also highlighted his dedication to his business by revealing that almost all of his life is taken up focussing on his work. This single-mindedness is something that sets many of the top entrepreneurs apart.

Have no regrets

Richard Branson is a man who needs no introductions in business and he frequently offers guidance to fellow entrepreneurs. Commenting on a LinkedIn Influencers programme that encouraged thought leaders to reveal the best advice they have ever received, he said that the simple phrase “have no regrets” took the top spot. His mother was the person who advised him to adopt this approach and, according to the Virgin Group founder, it has informed all aspects of his life and work since. Living without regrets can free businesspeople up to make brave decisions and follow their dreams.