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iGoStartup to help StartupBus!

iGoStartup to help StartupBus!

The year 2014 is the first year Greece will be participating in the annual StartupBus competition. After years of crisis and austerity, three young Greek men under the leadership of a Belgium will make the entrepreneurial spirits of Greece rise again.

Oh, and did we mention that the founder of StartupBus, Elias Bizannes, is of Greek descent? As an Australian-born Greek who has inspired entrepreneurial activity from his base in silicon valley to the rest of the world, he is excited that we are bringing the StartupBus spirit to a country that in his eyes needs inspiration to rebuild itself.

We at iGoStartup are extremely happy to announce that we will be powering StartupBus throughout its journey! Helping entrepreneurs and startups worldwide is our purpose, and for that reason we will be offering our services for free, to anyone who joins StartupBus this year!

If you are from Greece and you’re a hacker, hipster or hustler who’s good at what he does and if you want to participate in the life-changing experience that StartupBus is, apply now!