Your guide to hiring the right execs for your firm

Your guide to hiring the right execs for your firm
iGoStartup Team
by iGoStartup Team

All the people that your company hires have an important role to play in terms of promoting the long-term success of your organisation. However, the stakes are especially high when you’re hunting for individuals to fill executive roles. These people will help to steer your company and make crucial decisions on an ongoing basis. So, there’s simply no room for second best when you’re recruiting for these roles. To help you avoid common pitfalls when you’re searching for these personnel, here’s a brief guide to hiring the right execs for your firm.

Get a clear picture of the candidates you want to attract

Before you start drafting job descriptions, it’s essential that you spend some time considering what exactly you’re looking for from your new execs. This involves analysing existing or future skills gaps within your business and building a clear picture of the direction you want your company to go in. It’s also vital to ensure you create a cohesive team, so the executives you hire must be a good fit with the relevant staff members. It’s only once you’ve got a concrete idea of the types of individuals you’re looking for that you should proceed with the hiring process.

Reach out to the right people

Your recruitment campaign won’t succeed unless you reach out to the right people. This means creating accurate and appealing job descriptions and promoting them across the relevant channels. Don’t panic if your business lacks the expertise needed to do this effectively. You can enlist the help of a specialist in executive search to guide you through it. These experts will ensure you put forward a strong employer value proposition that enables you to attract the most suitable applicants while simultaneously protecting and promoting your brand.

Use sophisticated assessment techniques

When it comes to narrowing down applicants, you’ll need to be thorough and methodical in your approach. A simple interview will not give you enough information to make informed decisions concerning who to take on. Companies are turning to increasingly sophisticated assessment techniques in order to differentiate between applicants and discover who is best for particular roles. For example, senior level psychological profiling techniques can help businesses to hone in on the best candidates. You can find out more about the assessment options available by speaking to HR specialists.

Engage in effective on-boarding

It’s important to bear in mind that good executive recruitment is about more than finding suitable candidates for your roles. To ensure the individuals you select settle into your organisation properly and make the best contributions they can, you’ll also need to engage in appropriate on-boarding techniques. This can involve coaching new execs so that they can make a positive impact as quickly as possible, planning induction meetings with key colleagues and setting up a feedback system.

There is an art to getting executive recruitment right, but as long as you plan the process carefully and take advantage of expert help where it’s needed, you should meet your aims