3 Innovative ways to raise your sales

3 Innovative ways to raise your sales
iGoStartup Team
by iGoStartup Team

With the new year now looming large on the horizon, you might be planning ways to bolster your business’ prospects in 2016. To help you along the way, here are three innovative tactics that your firm may be able to employ in order to increase sales.

1) Create a connection with your audience on the door-step

In their clamour to take advantage of the myriad digital marketing opportunities now available, many firms have lost sight of the importance of creating connections with potential customers face-to-face. Speaking to consumers in person to make sure that they are aware of your products or services and they understand all of the benefits associated with them can be a highly effective way to enhance the profile of your business and generate additional sales. It allows you to engage in a two-way discussion and answer any questions that consumers may have. One of the best places to speak to prospective customers is on their doorsteps. This relaxed setting can give you a good chance to get your message across. Don’t worry if you lack the knowledge or resources required to run door-to-door sales campaigns yourself. Skilled and experienced door-to-door sales agencies such as Appco can coordinate them on your behalf.

2) Form a strategic partnership

Forming a strategic partnership with another company that offers complementary products or services can also be an effective way to expand your sales. You might come to an arrangement to sell your offerings at a discounted price to customers of this other company, or promote your products or services alongside those of the other business as part of a package. Partnerships like this can enable you to dramatically increase your customer base virtually overnight.

3) Create an e-book to showcase yourself as a thought leader

Another, less direct, way to raise interest in your goods or services and increase your sales is to showcase yourself as a thought leader. By demonstrating expertise in your specialist field, you can enhance your brand image and build trust among consumers. This can prove crucial when it comes to attracting customers. One way to demonstrate your knowledge is to create an e-book containing information and advice that your audience will find useful and interesting. Once you’ve put this resource together, you can share it by email and social media – generating additional exposure for your brand and raising awareness of your products or services in the process. Your e-book could be a ‘how to’ guide, an analysis of industry trends or anything else that potential customers may find valuable.

Increasing sales can be a challenge, but by using innovative techniques like these, you stand a better chance of achieving the results you’re after.