3 questions to ask yourself before you become an entrepreneur

3 questions to ask yourself before you become an entrepreneur
Anastasios Vasileiadis
by Anastasios Vasileiadis

So you would have thought long and hard about it and you are pretty certain you want to be an entrepreneur. Well done, not many people come to the stage where they feel so certain about this particular change of lifestyle.

However, we would be lying to you if we didn’t say that being an entrepreneur can be challenging and at times almost impossible. You have to have the right approach to becoming an entrepreneur and you also need to keep some principles in mind before you go ahead and take the plunge. Here, we look at three things you must ask yourself before you commit to becoming an entrepreneur.

“Many entrepreneurs do not realize that many of the problems their businesses face today began yesterday, long before there was a business.”- Robert Kiyosaki
  • Your first big challenge is going to be discipline. Whether this means getting up early in the morning so that you can make an important phone call or managing your time during the day so that you actually make money, if you don’t have discipline nailed down you will not be respected as an entrepreneur. You don’t get the opportunity to blame your boss because you don’t have one. There’s going to be no one on your side when things go wrong, because you run the ship. Remember that this is your discipline that you have to take care of, and if you don’t have discipline you won’t last very long.
  • Look after yourself physically too. You don’t get sick days when you’re an entrepreneur, because that just is not part of the equation. Instead, make sure your diet is healthy and nutritious and that you cut down on all the bad habits you might have with food and drink. Head down to any gym and you’re sure to find an entrepreneur or two at some point in the day. They know that they have to do their best to stay in shape until they make enough money so that they can take days off without any guilt or loss in revenue. Sick days are not an option, so do your very best to not get sick.
  • Finally, the most successful entrepreneurs are very good at making friends and influencing people. If you are the quiet and shy type, you’re going to have to act a little more gregariously if you want to win the business. One of the best ways to win business is through networking events, and this means that you have to mingle with other business people and get to know them before you can ask for their business. If you’re not naturally outgoing, just think about how important your business is to you and that should get you a little fired up and passionate.
  • So there are three things that you need to think about when you’re becoming an entrepreneur. There are no shortcuts here, and you need to bear these questions in mind. Being an entrepreneur is an incredibly exciting adventure, but it is not easy, and no one is going to help you out. At least, not until you’re a millionaire.