How to Activate your Shopper In-Store

How to Activate your Shopper In-Store
Panagiotis Koutoudis
by Panagiotis Koutoudis

All the time the marketers scratch their heads, thinking how to make the people buy their products or use their services. Each year the consumers become more and more demanding, as the market is flooded with the products to match all the tastes. So, let’s look deeper into the matter and analyze the Toy market.

The Toy market is one of the most complicated in terms of consumer marketing as in the majority of cases the shopper doesn’t equal the consumer. The marketers have to know the profile of their consumers in order to create the right products that meet their needs and expectations. But then another dilemma arises: how to persuade the shopper buy their products. So, let’s analyze the shoppers ‘behavior in the toy store.

One should keep in mind the fact, that different countries have different shopping habits. For instance, in Europe, that majority of toys is bought in supermarkets and hypermarkets, while in Ukraine or Russia those are toy stores that hold the biggest market share. Your brand should be in the place, where your shoppers are. If in your country parent look for the toys in the supermarkets, your toys should also be there. If moms find it more convenient to buy something for their babies in a cozy store next to their house, your products should also be there. Don’t forget about the Internet, as a big chunk of the sales goes to this channel. On-line shopping is fast, convenient and gives the possibility to get the best deal.

Now let’s get into the store and think, what we can do to activate our shopper there. First of all, remember about the best location for the shelves with your product and distant ID. Your brand should be visible and it should not take ages to find it in the store. All the OS materials should be appealing, bright and of high quality. It is better to place the shelf-talkers on the level of adult’s eyes, as they contain the messages for the shoppers or decision-makers, while all the entertainment and involvement tools aimed at children should be placed on the level of their eyes. Children like everything bright and interactive. It is great if they can come to the store and try to play with the new toys you offer. This tool works both for children and for their parents, as the latter will see the quality of the product and, of course, there will be no doubt, that the child likes this toy and they will not throw money down the drain.

When talking about the consumer, he or she expects the toy to be bright, interesting, cool, in trend with the latest fashion, it should be branded with the images of the most popular cartoons of the time or have some digital features. It would be wise to use QR codes or other digital tools to make the toy more desirable for the child. You might have noticed, that different model boxes and TV screens with sensors and sound effect work perfectly to grab attention and to entertain the children and the parents.

Don’t forget about the cash desk zone, which is the best place for an impulse purchase. Just imagine: people are standing in the line, they have nothing to do but pass eyes over the nearest shelves with products and here they find your toys at the best price. In this case, it is crucial to choose the effective pricing strategy for the impulse products. If your promotion strategy implies low price points, it will be ideal to place your promo display near the cash zone or at the entrance of the store, so all the shoppers could see it.

It goes without saying that all the shop assistants have to perfectly know your product and be highly motivated to sell them. They should be able to consult the shoppers and list all the advantages of the toys you are selling. Training for sales staff will help you to communicate the main features of your products, will make the sales assistants more loyal to your company and give them all the necessary information to help the shoppers make the right choice. So, a good work with shop assistants brings its fruit.

The right trade marketing activities will help to boost your sales and get into the wish-list of the children. Shoot a good advert to make your toy the most desired by the children, persuade the parents in-store, that your brand is value-for-money and the best choice ever, provide some hard facts on the POS materials in the store, develop educational leaflets for parents and reap the fruits of your hard work. You will definitely boost your sales.