Can I Identify Entrepreneurial Opportunities?

Can I Identify Entrepreneurial Opportunities?
Anastasios Vasileiadis
by Anastasios Vasileiadis

What is the single most quality that every aspiring entrepreneur must have? It is the ability to foresee new opportunities and make use of it the right way. Every human being sees opportunities around him but most of them are mediocre to bad. It is seldom that you see a good opportunity around you. So how do you know if you have the excellent skill of foreseeing entrepreneurial opportunities?

Ideal qualities

#1: Staying Up-To-Date With Technology

The most common quality for anyone that can spot an opportunity is staying current with technology and practically living in future. They are aware of the cutting edge technology making an entry to their market and how it could change their lives. They see opportunities in it.

#2: Being An Expert And Solving Your Own Problems

The second phase in staying updated with technology is becoming an expert in the field. This will take you to the next level where you will encounter problems that only an expert could phase. This is the kind of problem that only an expert could solve.

Spotting an idea is not enough – can you sell it?

Although, you could spot excellent opportunities every once in a while, getting something out of it is not possible without working hard to achieve your goals. An idea is just an idea. You need to work on it, sometimes a lot to make it worthy. Then you need to work even harder to make it an entrepreneurial opportunity. This is the skill that only a handful of people have.

“Identifying entrepreneurial opportunities is a task that involves a lot of skills and effort”

How do you know if you have it? The simplest answer is you need an expert’s opinion on your ideas. But where do you get them? You can attend seminars, discuss your ideas with experts or hire a business consultant. Out of the 3 suggestions outlined here, hiring a business consultant makes the most sense because you are paying him to do a job for you. However, there is no guarantee that a consultant could get you 100% right every time.

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