Developing a Promotion Strategy

Developing a Promotion Strategy
Anastasios Vasileiadis
by Anastasios Vasileiadis

Developing a business strategy before internet became popular was a cakewalk for most businesses. Even with the emergence of internet, being extremely specific about your marketing strategy wasn't regarded as an important parameter – especially fragmenting markets and concentrating on mini markets. However, the trend saw drastic changes with Facebook and other social media tools changing how the world perceived marketing forever. In today’s world, segmentation is a very important aspect of marketing a product. In fact, segmentation is regarded as one of the most important business promotion strategies out there.

“The advertising is not the only way for business promotion. There are many other approaches for your business to be known”

Is It A Feasible Approach?

However, the big question is, how do you use business promotion tools to reach your market? How is it different from seeking the help of a business consultant? This article explains these concepts.

Why To Divide Potential Customers Into Small, Key Groups?

In the past, a single product was targeted to the mass market. Companies expected their marketing strategy to click this way and their assumption was true in most cases. However, geo-specific and age-group specific marketing emerged with internet because it was easy to categorize potential customers and target small groups. Customers started to get the feel that companies ‘care more’ which made or broke the businesses of many. The most interesting thing was that both success and failure taught essentially the same lesson: segmentation and segmented marketing matters!

Basics of Segmentation

  • How many sub-groups of customers you have?
  • How should you divide your customers (it is not necessary that you should divide them to each subgroup. There may be better strategies).
  • How to price your products?
  • What your marketing calls should focus on?

How It Helps With Product Promotion?

The simplest way to explain segment marketing is comparing it with hunting. A bear hunter knows that the bear is out there in the jungle. He can either shoot the jungle, without a specific focus, in the anticipation that his bullets could hit one. Or he can use strategies to spot a bear and shoot it when he finds one. Both have its own uncertainties, but common sense tells us that the latter is a more concrete approach.

Business Marketing Tool from iGoStartup vs. Consultancies

You might have already figured out that this information is golden. Like anything golden, valuable information is hard to come by. Only an expert can help you to get what you need. You have two options in this difficult situation: either hire a marketing specialist or purchase a business start-up tool, like iGoStartup. The former is not only expensive but doesn’t make any sense if the consultant you choose do not have a lot of experience in what he is doing. A consultant is absolutely useless despite the heavy payment schedules if he can’t successfully come up with marketing strategies to promote your business.

The iGoStartup business promotion tool on the other hand is created with several years of research and commitment. You can get top-notch information for a fraction of the price you spend on a consultant.