Becoming an expert in start-up consulting

Panagiotis Koutoudis
by Panagiotis Koutoudis

The best consultants in the area of start-ups have certain characteristics that bring them head and shoulders above the competition. We will look at some of these characteristics in this article.

If you are considering becoming a consultant to businesses, and start-up businesses in particular, you need to consider a few aspects of your experience and your approach. The field for professional business consulting is packed, and if you are to differentiate yourself from the rest, you need to offer something pretty special.

Your first and most important characteristic to develop is expertise. Start-ups are complex instruments, and unless you know everything there is to know about the phenomenon, you will find it difficult to find clients. Instead, prospects will see your competitors as more knowledgeable, and therefore trustworthier with their financial resources. Study industry news, and become familiar with the theory behind start-ups and how they grow. The more you can show that you know, the more likely you will gain clients. We cannot emphasise enough how important it is to understand the industry, and to present that understanding clearly to potential clients.

Specialise if you can

It is also important to specialise to a certain degree. If you are able to show that you have expertise in supporting accountants, for example, you will be able to carve out a position in that industry where you will become known as a real source of information and consulting experience. This counts for a lot, and if you look at the consultants who are working specifically with start-ups and offering businesses start up advice, the very best are usually specialists in a certain industry.

Guiding a start-up is simple, as long as you are able to develop expertise and a certain level of specialism. Get that part right and you will soon be seen as a leader in the field.