Reasons to submit your start-up to directory websites

Reasons to submit your start-up to directory websites
Anastasios Vasileiadis
by Anastasios Vasileiadis

The days of people flicking through their telephone directory or saving leaflets and contact details to find their local service providers details are long gone and you can’t depend on word of mouth to make your start-up thrive.

The world’s population, all ages and locations, go online to find professional solution providers to their problems, whatever they may be, so listing your services on directory websites is a must if you want that solution provider to be you and not your legion of competitors.

Some directories are free, others take bids or charge a fee for a sponsored or featured listing and the directory provider might ask for a link between your website and their website, known as a reciprocal link, but all directory websites offer a vital tool for the success of your business - visibility.

Directory websites display your business listing in several categories and it links to your website plus other directories and search engines can see your data too.

This is important for search engine optimization or SEO.

You need traffic to your website to generate business and using a directory website is a common technique to build a network of links between sites. Each link created acts as a vote for your website which improves your ranking status in the search engine’s databases.

The higher up the rankings your company website rises, the more people will find you quickly and your business presence will increase.

Consider the usual search engine results page, a potential client may be presented with many seemingly identical companies one after the other but if your business is also listed on a directory website that will confirm that you are a legitimate service provider, professional and approved by the editor of the directory website. It lifts you above your competitors.

Directory submissions cannot (or rather SHOULD NOT) be automated like search engine entries. But instead humans should be tasked with this, in order to maximise your link potential, categorisation, from general to specific, and work to reach the largest possible demographic for your business.

That’s where the experienced team of iGoStartup can help you. We submit your startup in up to 220 directory websites!

That’s a level of visibility that can be yours with the simple click of a mouse, a few minutes of data entry and no or minimal outlay.

Website directories are a resource that should not be undervalued when you launch your start-up.