Marketing Strategies – Are You On The Right Track?

Marketing Strategies – Are You On The Right Track?
Dimitris Siakavelis
by Dimitris Siakavelis

If you are an established businessman, it comes without saying that you might have a lot of experience in marketing strategies based on trial and error. At this point, you have some knowledge about the industry and can be sure about what might work and what will not.

However, someone who's trying to start a new business venture does not want to go through this trial and error, especially when he is on a strict budget and a lot of social pressure to make it big. Unfortunately, more than 80% of business start-ups die down before it reaches an average level, only because they do not have an expert guidance to show them the right marketing strategy and the channel to sell their product and make money.

“Marketing is a contest for people's attention.” - Seth Godin

Yes, management of money is yet another factor where small-business startups are not quite experienced. Money and marketing strategies go hand-in-hand. Until you do not invest adequately into marketing, you may not be able to implement the right marketing strategy. Unfortunately, there is a lot of misunderstanding about this fact. Business ventures that have just started up, invest almost all their money on marketing without any planning, and finally when the campaign does not work, they lose their business.

This is where iGoStartup enters the scenario:

To understand the right marketing strategy and how to go about dealing with money, one needs an expert advice. This is where millions of businessmen hire consultants who advise them on how to implement the right marketing strategy with less money, yet bring greater efficiency. Predictably, this consultation involves a lot of money and is not something that most business startups can afford.

Hence, to make things easier, iGoStartup has come up with a tool that can help an individual to figure out the right marketing strategy based on their product, the potential market, the target audience and the right implementation of the strategy.

The tool has been specifically programmed with all the knowledge about every product, its potential market and the industry that it belongs to. So, all you need to do is to spend a little time with the tool and you can get some expert advice on how to go about with your marketing strategies and dealing with money.

The tool has been programmed with all the latest trends in the industry and the economy, so when you submit your problems to the tool, it can effectively help you out to solve your problem and implement the right marketing strategy.