Starting A Small Business Without Consultation Can Kill Your Business

Starting A Small Business Without Consultation Can Kill Your Business
Panagiotis Koutoudis
by Panagiotis Koutoudis

When you create a business idea, the next step is to think about starting a small business but the question, “is starting my business without business consultation a wise idea?” can pop up in your mind, provided that you have done your preliminary research on the topic. If you realize the importance of business consultation in starting a small business, you are on the right track.

Business consultation used to be very expensive. Entrepreneur aspirants who create a business idea often fall short on paying the hefty paychecks of consulting companies and ended up starting a business without much information in their hand. The downsides of starting a small business without data in hand are:

“Focus on having fruitful and useful consultation, but always keep your judgement.”
  • You don't know your target market
  • You have no idea about your potential customers
  • You are uncertain about brand positioning
  • You are uncertain about pricing strategies
  • You are not sure which distribution channel suit you the best

Inevitably, these mistakes are sometimes overcome in the process of running a business, if you are very, very lucky. However, not everyone is very, very lucky and this explains why 90 plus percent start-ups without market research and proper business consultation fail in the first year. The 'LUCKY ONES' are usually backed up by pile of cash or have the support of a resourceful mentor.

You can't create a business relying on chances – 'how can i make sure that starting my business is the right thing to do?'

If business consultation was inaccessible or expensive for most newbie entrepreneurs, things have changed dramatically. Technology coupled with futuristic start-up solutions gave way to many developments in helping people to start a new business with very less risks. iGoStartup takes pride in our business consultation tools that can help you to create a business without the fear of failure.

iGoStartup's Basic Startup Pack can:

  • Help you to understand if starting a small business is right for you
  • See if starting my business is viable
  • If your product or service is not viable, our start-up tools can help you to modify your product to make it worthy.
  • Help you to position your product. Instead of being 'just another product' you can bridge the gap in the current consumer market based on the research data our system can generate.
  • Help you with planning, financing and structuring your business.